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At Philadev, we’re all about startups. We found, fund, operate, sell, and advise them and we’ve been doing it for 20-years.

About Us

We help startups across a range of activities from formation to exit.

At the earliest stages, we help startups to fundamentally improve their DNA to move them to an inflection point sufficient to bring on major customers, secure a Series-A investment, or enable the sale of the company as appropriate. 

We have experience with corporate asset and IP sales, capital raises, debt issuance, and strategic acquisitions and have structured transactions both as C-level officers of high-growth companies responsible for securing funding through private investors, venture and other institutional funds; and as advocates negotiating on behalf of startups we represent to secure favorable funding terms and to structure a financial instrument that allows the founding team to execute their vision. 

This experience —earned on both sides of the table — gives us a unique perspective that allows us to better understand the opportunities in front of you.

Our Founder

Christopher B. Myers

As Managing Director of Philadev, Chris works exclusively with emerging growth companies as any/all of an advisor, investor, or operating officer. His background is as a founder and/or C-level operator of high-growth companies including:

  • Project A.R., an IoT VUI company
  • MAGetc, a digital publisher for mobile
  • Philadev Ventures, a startup advisor
  • Sivoo Inc., the Internet-video pioneer
  •, a dotcom SEO agency
  • H.I. Creative, a publication services agency
  • Duskenhaig, a play-by-mail game

Noria Technologies

His current project is Noria, whose goal is to reinvent the home comfort market worldwide with beautifully designed products that users love while delivering better performance to both individual users and the grid. Noria’s first product is a 5,000 BTU window air conditioner that Tech Insider called “the solution to window air conditioners we’ve all been waiting for.” He is Noria’s chief strategy officer.

Other Work

Chris serves on a number of boards and advisory committees for startups and is the chairman of the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory, a non-profit that helps underserved youth build resiliency and life skills. He has served as an entrepreneur in residence at the Baiada Institute, teaches occasional courses on entrepreneurship at LeBow School of Business, and advises entrepreneurship students at Drexel, Penn, and Temple.

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